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Welcome to the Guest House

in the village Stoletovo

Built with a lot of attention to detail, the house is designed to welcome guests and send friends. In its construction were used mainly natural materials – stone and wood. The house combines the cozy style with modern amenities, and the ultimate goal is complete relaxation and enjoyment of the stay.

  • Rooms and beds
  • Barbeque
  • Yard
  • Parking
  • Location

Rooms and beds

The house has three separate rooms.

Each room has a private bathroom and toilet, satellite TV, beds with orthopedic mattresses, bed linen with duvets, towels and luggage storage


In the yard, separate from the house, there is a dining room with a kitchen and an outdoor barbecue. The capacity is consistent with the maximum number of guests of the house. In the dining room are available 55` SMART TV, sound system. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for a household – household utensils, dishwasher, sink, coffee maker, large refrigerator with freezer, stove with ceramic hob and more. An outdoor sink with lighting and a worktop are available.

There are several options for barbecue by guests: electric, gas and charcoal. All accompanying tools (except coal) are available.

At the request of the guests we can assist with breakfast, lunch or dinner.


The house is surrounded by a magnificent, spacious, fully lit courtyard on two levels with authentic stone walls, carrying the spirit of a bygone era. Among the variety of garden plants, the lush lawns offer separate seating areas, a hammock, sun loungers and benches.
For cooling in the hot summer days in the upper part of the yard is built a solar system for heating solar water. Young and old alike take advantage of the opportunity for fun and coolness.
The freshness of the yard and the plants is guaranteed by an automated irrigation system.


The house has its own indoor parking. Its dimensions are 15 m long and 5 m wide. Designed to accommodate your cars, motorcycles, trailers, bicycles, as well as all kinds of sports equipment.

For visitors with a sports purpose (motorcyclists and cyclists) are available fast water connections, which provide the opportunity to use a water jet to clean machinery and equipment.


The house is located between two mountains. Two kilometers from the Sub-Balkan road, from the north protected by the majestic Stara Planina, to the south, stretching to the foot and wrapped in the gentle curves of Sredna Gora. The climate is mild and favorable for tourism. Winters are mild and summers are moderately hot. Due to the currents of the mountains, it rains infrequently and insignificantly. The distance from the capital is approximately 130 km. or two hours by car. The road on the Sub-Balkan road has a relatively good asphalt pavement, and the nature around it takes us away from concrete facilities and urbanization.


Сoziness and comfort

Room 1 - "Petrohan"

Its stone walls guarantee cool summer nights and warm winter days.

Room 2 - "Shipka"

Neat, suggesting the stay of a couple in love or a family with one child.

Room 3 - "Troyan-Karnare"

It has three single beds 90/200, two of which can form a bedroom.



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