Welcome to the village of Stoletovo, Karlovo municipality, where the spirit of past times is combined, in an old world, where the traditions tell stories, where the beauty of nature, the breath of the Balkans and the warmth and tranquility of the hearth are palpable.

The village of Stoletovo, and in the past Kara-Sarliy, was first mentioned in 1577 as a settlement from the nahiya Gyopsa in the Plovdiv kaaza. Nahiya was the smallest administrative-territorial unit in the Ottoman Empire, a subdivision of the kaaza, something like today’s municipality. The Kaaza was an administrative-territorial unit in the Ottoman Empire, a division of the Sandzak.

The village of Stoletovo is a symbol of the Bulgarian liberation. Before the Liberation the village was a Turkish settlement, but after that the enslavers were expelled and Bulgarians settled in their place.

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The village of Stoletovo is located in an extremely picturesque place. It is nestled in the field of the proud Karlovo Balkan, which in spring spreads its green tufted rug, and in autumn it is dressed in golden clothes.

The village of Stoletovo is located at 456 m above sea level between the mountains Stara Planina and Sredna Gora, near the river Stryama, which springs from the peak Vezhen. Its tributaries divide the Karlovo valley, irrigate the soils and support the livelihood of the population.

About 750 people live in the village of Stoletovo. The arable land is occupied by wheat, rye, barley, corn, roses and lavender. Apart from plant growing, the population is also engaged in animal husbandry. Pottery has developed in the past. There were two rose mills, the first by Charles Garnier in 1904 and the cooperative in 1935. There were also four flour mills. In 1970 a water pipeline was laid from Stara Planina.

The square is welcoming, there is a colonnade of flower gardens and green areas. Among it there is a kiosk (Rhodope word for veranda, shed in front of a house) with a well preserved from Turkish times. Next to it rises a bust of Gen. Nikolay Stoletov – Commander of the Bulgarian Militia during the Russia-Turkish War 1877-1878.

From Turkish times until today there is an authentic bath with mineral and healing water.

Traditionally, every year at the end of June for two days the festival “Stoletovo sings and dances” takes place and over the picturesque village of Stoletovo is carried the song – our beautiful Bulgarian folk song. For two days the holiday is not only on the square, but also in the hearts of the villagers and numerous guests and participants from all over the country.
As the mayor of the village of Stoletovo Miroslav Kolev says:

Let’s preserve our Bulgarian traditions and folklore to survive in time!