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Built with a lot of attention to detail, the house is designed to welcome guests and send friends. In its construction were used mainly natural materials – stone and wood.

Cozy home style with


The house

The house combines the cozy style with modern amenities, and the ultimate goal is complete relaxation and enjoyment of the stay. The heating is local, autonomous and fully automated. Guests of the house enjoy unlimited free WiFi.

The location

There is a large map of the area with information about routes and offers with interesting places to visit. The house offers a quiet stay to small companies. The capacity of the house and its capabilities do not suggest large and noisy parties.

The rooms

Room 1 - Petrohan

Room 1 (Petrohan) is located on the first floor. Its stone walls guarantee cool summer nights and warm winter days. Features a large bedroom 160/200 and a separate comfortable single bed 90/200. If necessary, the space allows you to position an extra cot or pull-out cot. The room has a private bathroom and toilet, as well as a TV. It also offers easy access to the courtyard, covered parking, kitchen and barbecue.

Room 2 - Shipka

Room 2 (Shipka) is located on the second floor. Neat, suggesting the stay of a couple in love or a family with one child. It has a bedroom 160/200 and a sofa bed. Due to its smaller size, this is the maximum number of beds that the room offers. The room has a private bathroom and toilet, as well as a TV set. Offers a wonderful view of the upper level of the yard and the Balkan Mountains.

Room 2A - Troyan Karnare

Room A (Troyan-Karnare) is the largest room in the house. Located on the second floor. It has three single beds 90/200, two of which can form a bedroom. A sofa bed is also available. The room has a private bathroom and toilet, as well as a TV set. Sunny room with southeast exposure, with visibility to most of the yard and overlooking Sredna Gora.